Who were you sleeping with last night?

Did you know that when you get into bed, you are not only sharing it with your other half. Every night, you share your sleeping space with a living ecosystem of dust mites, pet dander, pollen and living bacteria – all of which trigger numerous allergic reactions including sore eyes, a stuffy nose, asthma and dry, red itchy skin.

On average we share our beds with between 100, 000 and a whopping 10 million dustmites! They love us – they feed off our microscopic dead skin cells and the environment in our mattresses and pillows creates the perfect conditions for them to thrive. Dustmites grow, multiply and deposit faecal matter – which we inhale as we sleep. Because these dustmites are attracted to us as humans, even a new mattress will house millions of mites within six months.
CleanMyBed is a deep cleaning and sanitising service which offers the removal of allergy triggers, killing 99.99% of all mites, living bacteria and bed debris. The service is dry, chemical free, odourless and takes less than 30 minutes. The second the job is complete, your bed is good to get into!

The process involves a high grade HEPA13 vacuum device which removes dead skin cells, dust mites, and their faecal matter encased within the mattress and pillows, followed by sanitising with a UVC germicidal light which completely and effectively kills living organisms, leaving your bed clean and germ-free. So the next time you and your better half tuck yourselves in for the night, remember who else is sharing the bed with you!

CleanMyBed is a personal service operated by a team of Franchise Ambassadors who are fully trained and offer a personal and friendly service.