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How CleanMyBed works

The 2 part process is medical grade. Firstly, the removal of the natural build up of discarded skin cells, dust mite fecal matter and other debris from within the mattress with HEPA filtered vacuum technology and followed with UVC (germicidal light) to sanitise. The combination brings a superior standard of sanitising and allergen removal to your mattresses leaving them ready for immediate use following the service. The peace of mind that comes with ​a clean bed is incomparable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time of the year are dust mites worse?

Allergen levels are at their highest in the Summer months, the peak breeding season for dust mites. 

What are the symptoms of dust mites?

The most common symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, itchy, red or watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy nose, roof of mouth and throat, postnatal drip, cough and facial pressure/pain.

Can you see dust mites with your eyes?

House dust mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye. They are 250 to 300 microns in length and have translucent bodies. It takes a magnification of at least 10X to correctly identify dust mites. 

Can dust mites live in memory foam?

Memory foam mattresses resist dust mites as they are too dense for the dust mites to penetrate. The dust mites can however live on the surface of the memory foam mattress.

How often should I use the CleanMyBed service?

It is recommended that you use our medical-grade cleaning service every 3-4 months. 

How quickly do dust mites breed?

Dust mites reproduce rapidly and in 3-4 weeks, young dust mites pass through developmental stages, shedding their shells after each stage. Larvae become nymphs and then pass through an additional nymph stage before becoming adults.







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