Bed: Small £35
Bed: Large £50
Pillow: Small £7.50
Pillow: Large £12.50
Topper: Small £30
Topper: Large £40
E-Blanket: Small £25
E-Blanket: Large £35
Cot / Crib £25
    * Minimum charge of £75.00 per service



Save money by treating the cause

Treating allergies with medication is an ongoing expense. By paying attention to your environment and minimising exposure to dust mites can make all the difference. Environmental interventions have a longer lasting benefit, are better for your health than taking medication and are more cost effective in the long term.

Allergists, allergy foundations and doctors alike recommend regular cleaning of beds. The American Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (AAAI) advises vacuuming your beds every two to three months. CleanMyBed makes this so easy for you, and we offer reduced rates:

Dry, non invasive and uncompromisingly affordable.


Allergy friendly