Night night sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite

We all know the old saying, and if you have young children there’s a good chance you recite it every night when you tuck them in. But we don’t really put much thought into the meaning of the words. While the chances of being bitten to bits by bed bugs are slim, the chances of children picking up allergies and irritations from their mattress and pillows is very high.

Recent research has shown that during the developmental years children are vulnerable to allergens and the effects thereof, with 1 in 8 suffering from recurring allergy symptoms. Prevention and control begins at home: more specifically, in the hygiene and sanitisation of their beds.
CleanMyBed was developed in direct response to these allergy triggers, and uses proven technology as a homoeopathic and chemical-free solution to combatting and managing allergies. The process is dry and non-invasive, and leaves no residue or odour – as well as sanitising mattresses and pillows to 99.99%.

While regular use of inhalers can mask the effects of allergies, it provides no real long term solution. Ongoing allergies can lead to poor performance in school, reduced energy levels and personal performance, and a lack of confidence and well being.

“Regular cleaning of your mattress, topper and pillows will help to reduce the impact of recurring allergies on your children’s health and lives.” says Charlie Wright, co-founder of CleanMyBed. “The key to the success of CleanMyBed is the combined effects of the high grade HEPA 13 vacuum system followed by concentrated UVC light which kills microorganisms and sanitises your bed to 99.99%.”

CleanMyBed is a personal service operated by a team of Franchise Ambassadors who are fully trained and offer a personal and friendly service.