Franchise opportunity 

The Opportunity – is it for me?

Finally. The franchise opportunity you’ve been looking for has found you. With a simple, scalable business model, a wide target audience, and minimal set up costs, a CleanMyBed franchise is a success waiting to happen.

We’re after the right franchisee: someone who is driven by a passion for their business, an appreciation for their customers, and the skill set to take on a new and exciting venture.

CleanMyBed is a Business-in-a-Box

With a CleanMyBed franchise, you’ll have the opportunity to experience both the independence and flexibility small business entrepreneurship offers, while also receiving the backing, guidance, and support of our larger corporate structure. We like to keep things simple, making use of tailored systems to minimise time spent on admin and maximise time spent on output. CleanMyBed offers you the chance to join a young, ambitious franchise invested in your success through visionary leadership, a proven system, and tremendous growth potential!

A brand you can trust

A track record that speaks for itself

Professional endorsement

Medical grade technology

Personalised scheduling software 

Full training and support

No invoicing, no payment chasing!

Personalised marketing material 

International Ambassador network

What makes a great Ambassador? 

We strive to give you the best night’s sleep, allergy free; it’s why our ambassadors and franchisees get up in the mornings‘.  Tracy Wright, Founder

Although we’re open to candidates of any experience level, an entrepreneurial mind and excellent network skills are valuable assets. You will excel if you’re naturally comfortable with approaching people and can communicate the service confidently, instilling customer trust and peace of mind. 

As a franchisee, you’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. CleanMyBed has a dedicated support team that will assist you every step of the way and provide the tools you need to become a confident business operator. 

What does a franchise cost?

Acquiring a franchise with CleanMyBed does not require the liquid capital of a more equipment-heavy and space-sensitive franchise. There is no street frontage nor warehouse facility requirements. Our competitive investment pricing makes us an economical and viable option for existing franchisees and first-timers alike.

Who are we?

‘Being a CleanMyBed Ambassador really has been a life change for me and my family. Coming from hospitality customer service and helping others is important to me, and this opportunity brings the best out in me and allows me to work when I want. It’s not sales, it’s not a gimmick, this premium service sells itself and when your community realise the benefits they will want it too. The support you receive from the team is invaluable, I feel like I have finally found my perfect fit!’

Debbie Nicholson, Ambassador

My family is my reason for everything I do.  Owning a CleanMyBed Franchise allows me to be there for my children whenever I’m needed. I have first-hand experience of allergies in the family and the impact CleanMyBed has had on the health of my children is massive. I am proud to help others reap the health benefits our service”

Barry O’Donoghue, Franchisee and Ambassador

Backed by professionals

Medical professionals and health and wellness specialists recognise the benefits and are referring CleanMyBed to patients as part of their ongoing allergy management at home.

The consumer benefit

The benefits of our service go beyond just allergy sufferers. Our target market extends across age, gender, cultural and geographical demographics, and our business model presents both B2C and B2B possibilities. 

CleanMyBed provides family and friends with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are sleeping in a really clean bed, allergy-free. Better sleep helps concentration when awake, and the removal of common allergens helps improve personal performance, energy and grades.  It’s that simple.

Timing is everything

For the right franchisee, this is a dream offer waiting to be snapped up. With a collective global focus on wellness and healthy living now more than ever, the timing and conditions are perfect to build a business and grow it exponentially.

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