Are you a CleanMyBed Ambassador?

The Opportunity – is it for me?

The simplicity, relevance and timing of this opportunity to become part of the CleanMyBed brand as an Ambassador could not be better. Why not grasp this opportunity and work for yourself today?  But importantly, remember we will only consider applications from those dedicated, passionate, self-motivated, entrepreneurs who are prepared to back themselves. We are highly selective and experience shows only about 5% of applicants finally make the grade to Ambassador.

CleanMyBed is a Business-in-a-Box

A Business-in-a-Box opportunity that will seamlessly connect Ambassadors with their customers.  Complete freedom to work when it suits you and income without the burdensome administration associated with being your own boss.  – it’s that simple! 

So, if you are a self-starter and think you have what we need as an Ambassador, CleanMyBed can offer you:

A brand you can trust

A track record that speaks for itself

Professional endorsement

Medical grade technology

Personalised scheduling software 

Full training and support

No invoicing, no payment chasing!

Personalised marketing material 

International Ambassador network

What makes a great Ambassador? 

We strive to give you the best night’s sleep, allergy free; it’s why our Ambassadors get up in the mornings‘.  Tracy Wright, Founder

Our Ambassadors are natural entrepreneurs who understand people and have a real desire to make life better for those around them. They care. They are personable, articulate and have an instinct for energetic and rewarding work.  Their role is about educating the consumer and providing reassurance. 

Absolute confidence and peace of mind is what our Ambassadors leave behind.

Two-way commitment

The highly personal nature of our business demands an equally personal relationship between CleanMyBed and its appointed Ambassadors.  For that reason, the opportunity to become a CleanMyBed brand Ambassador is by personal invitation only.  

We commit valuable resources and equipment only to Ambassadors who are committed business-builders and who can identify potential market communities.  Unlike traditional business models of this nature, we do not require an upfront investment.  CleanMyBed requires only that Ambassadors commit to a monthly membership contribution in advance and to a fully refundable deposit that is promptly returned once an easily achievable revenue target is met.  Experience shows that this can happen within a two to four months period of activity.

Who are we?

‘Being a CleanMyBed Ambassador really has been a life change for me and my family. Coming from hospitality customer service and helping others is important to me, and this opportunity brings the best out in me and allows me to work when I want. It’s not sales, it’s not a gimmick, this premium service sells itself and when your community realise the benefits they will want it too. The support you receive from the team is invaluable, I feel like I have finally found my perfect fit!’

Debbie Nicholson, Ambassador

My family is my reason for everything I do. Being a CleanMyBed Ambassador allows me to be there for my children whenever I’m needed. I have first-hand experience of allergies in the family and the massive impact CleanMyBed has had on the health of my children. I am proud I am able to help others reap the health benefits our service. I love interacting with people and am driven by a passion to do the very best I can.”

Barry O’Donoghue, Ambassador

Backed by professionals

Medical professionals and health and wellness specialists recognise the benefits and are referring CleanMyBed to patients as part of their ongoing allergy management at home.

The consumer benefit

CleanMyBed provides family and friends with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are sleeping in a really clean bed, allergy-free. This has never been more relevant than it is today. Better sleep helps concentration when awake, and the removal of common allergens helps improve personal performance, energy and grades.  It’s that simple.

Is this for you?

If you feel you have what it takes to be an Ambassador then