A better quality of sleep starts tonight

Did you know that on average our beds are home to between 100, 000 and 10 million dust mites? If not, you do now! Every night, we sweat and shed microscopic dead skin cells. These penetrate our mattresses and pillows and are digested by our tiny little bed mates who then deposit faecal matter – which we inhale as we sleep. This causes numerous allergic reactions including asthma, itchy skin and eyes, and difficulty with breathing.

Recent research has shown that washing our bed linen once a week and using a mattress protector can help alleviate these issues, but this does not directly remove the allergen trigger itself.

CleanMyBed offers a deep clean and sanitisation service which effectively removes and kills 99.99% of all mites, bacteria and bed debris in your mattress and pillows. This service is chemical-free, dry, odourless and takes less than 30 minutes. The second the service is complete, your bed is good to get into!

CleanMyBed is a personal service operated by a team of Franchise Ambassadors who are fully trained and offer a personal and friendly service.